Arabella Stewart Historical Mysteries-Boxset Two-Books 5-8


In the last four books in the series, Bella’s sleuthing adventures continue. Meanwhile, she and Jax grow closer than they have since before the Great War.



A Fatal Reunion (Book 5)

Bella and her best friend Ida join college girlfriends for a remote island getaway. When a storm wreaks havoc, the group is stranded. After one young woman dies under suspicious circumstances, Bella and Ida investigate. Jax Hastings—now a Prohibition agent—soon arrives on the island and joins the pair in unraveling the cause of a fatal reunion.

A Surreptitious Undertaking (Book 6)

When shell-shocked veterans disappear and die at a remote hospital, Bella and Jax go undercover. After he disappears, she works against time to rescue him and solve the case. Will Bella succeed? Or will a surreptitious undertaking end their partnership permanently?

A Treacherous Accusation (Book 7)

As Christmas approaches, Bella feels more festive than she has since before the Great War—mostly because she and Jax are finally courting. Then, a former French nurse comes to town claiming to be his wife. When the woman is murdered, Jax is the prime suspect. Can Bella prove his innocence and refute a treacherous accusation?

An Uncertain Ceremony (Book 8)

Only days ahead of Bella’s long-awaited nuptials, her dressmaker is strangled with Bella’s veil. A threatening note is pinned to the design board: Cancel the wedding or regret it. Bella and Jax are soon on the trail of a killer. Can they discover “whodunit” in time to avoid an uncertain ceremony?


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