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My books are available through many digital retailers and right here in my store! For now, I am only selling ebooks directly with merch coming soon. Check out our “Bijou’d Boutique” below. You might say it’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of D.S. Lang Books, since both are at the corner of History and Mystery. Because every book shop needs a pet, the boutique has two! Izzy, the black dog, is mine. Glo, who is white, is the furkid of my friend Cindy. The two girls love to walk and snoop, so we call them “doggie detectives!” I am working on a mug with their images. Hopefully, coming soon.

Back to books! Both series are set in small-town Ohio after the Great War, but each has its own flavor. In the Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery series, Bella returns home from serving as a U.S. Army Signal Corps operator to find her family resort and hometown in dire straits, and the murder of a neighbor adds to the trouble. Much to the dismay of Constable Jax Hastings, Bella turns amateur sleuth to solve the case. As the series continues, Bella and Jax vanquish the shadows of the war. Their growth, as individuals and as friends (and maybe more than friends) is one of my favorite elements in the books. If you love history and mystery mixed with touches of humor and dashes of drama, this series is for you! 

The Doro Banyon series, which is somewhat cozier, is set later in the 1920s but still in smalltown America. Doro, amateur sleuth and college librarian, is a thoroughly modern young woman, who puts her career first. Marrying is out of the question, since being a wife would mean leaving her job. (Few married ladies were employed in that era). Along with her librarian duties, she teaches a course on the mystery novel, which gives her interesting insights into local crimes. At times, she crosses swords with the college security officer, but the pair get friendlier when they become co-owners of a stray puppy. How friendly? Wait and see!

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