A Fatal Reunion-An Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery-Book 5


The Arabella Stewart Historical Mystery series is set in small-town Ohio after the Great War. Bella returns home from serving as a U.S. Army Signal Corps operator to find her family resort and hometown in dire straits, and the murder of a neighbor adds to the trouble. Much to the dismay of Constable Jax Hastings, Bella turns amateur sleuth to solve the case. As the series continues, Bella and Jax vanquish the shadows of the war, while solving a series of whodunits with a team of colorful characters. If you love history and mystery mixed with touches of humor and dashes of drama, this series is for you!

In the fifth book, Jax has left to join the Prohibition Bureau but, when Bella and her college friends are stranded on a remote Lake Erie island, he joins her in investigating another suspicious death.



A reunion of college friends on a remote lake island. A sudden death of one young woman. And another case for Arabella Stewart, amateur sleuth.

Bella and Ida, her best friend, look forward to a long, fun-filled weekend with college girlfriends on a remote Lake Erie island. Hidden grievances from the past soon shatter the peace. When a gale knocks out electricity and telephone service, the women become stranded.

After one of the group dies under suspicious circumstances, Bella and Ida sort through clues to solve the puzzle. As they do, another puzzle is uncovered. That puzzle leads Bella’s childhood friend and girlhood crush, Jax Hastings into the maelstrom. Bella joins Jax, now a Prohibition agent, in seeking a killer and catching bootleggers, who may be operating from the island. Can they put an end to a fatal reunion before someone else dies?


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